Joining our family

God intends you to be surrounded and joined together with others who are walking with you, encouraging you, picking you up, and helping you along. That’s what joining a church is all about. At Christ Covenant Church we believe that belonging to a family of believers is vital to our spiritual health and growth. Without being joined together with other believers, we will lack the strength and nourishment that each member, including ourselves, is to supply. Membership at Christ Covenant Church is a way that we are seeking to fit in to what God is doing in the world.

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core seminars

Sunday Mornings - 9:00 AM

Core Seminars is our church’s main equipping time. It’s akin to what many churches call Sunday School or an Adult Education Hour, but where many churches use this time for age-graded fellowship or teaching related to a particular stage of life, we think Core Seminars can give us something much more unique and helpful as a church family.

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parents matter

God has designed the family and charged parents with the responsibility of raising children who know and fear the Lord. At CCC, we want to do things markedly different than what is often the approach in our culture to raising children and teenagers in the church. We want to have chances for children to receive age appropriate instruction and hear from teachers in their classes. However, we also want to emphasize the place of corporate worship for children of all ages, as parents take on the responsibility of being the primary disciplers of their children.

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