Core Seminars

Sunday Mornings - 9:00 AM


Core Seminars is our church’s main equipping time. It’s akin to what many churches call Sunday School or an Adult Education Hour, but where many churches use this time for age-graded fellowship or teaching related to a particular stage of life, we think Core Seminars can give us something much more unique and helpful as a church family.


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Children & Families

At 9:00 am, children participate in Worship Training - classes that mix stories, songs, prayer, and Bible verses in order to teach children the character of God and prepare them to grow in their understanding of how we worship in our Worship Service. 

We offer Worship Training Classes during the Fall and Spring semesters and have our children worship with us during Advent-Christmas, Summer and on 5th Sundays. This way, our children receive some great instruction from the Scriptures and also have the opportunity to put into practice what they are learning for a large portion of the church year as well. Our desire is to have parents function as the primary discipler of their children and in order for this to happen, families must worship together at times throughout the year.

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To learn more about this model for family ministry and find resources on how to effectively pass on the Christian faith to children see our Parents section here.


At CCC, we value youth and teenagers as a critical part of the body of Christ. Whether it's a Sunday Morning class engaging youth in questions about developing a Christian Worldview, or a weekend retreat where they are learning about the gospel, or a weekly Bible Study before School, we want to help youth/teenagers walk with God in a way that brings him glory. 

Most of all, we want our youth to understand the part that they can play in the church family. We want our youth to know and be in relationship with other youth, but also: College Students, older men and women who can serve as mentors, young families with children, etc. so that youth are equipped and strengthened to walk with God and serve his people in the faith. 


If you have any questions about ministry to youth please contact Blake Price or Bradley Aucoin.


In the Fall and Spring, the youth at CCC have a Core Seminar that meets during the 9:00 AM hour designed to help challenge them in their faith and grow them in relationship to God and one another. 

Sunday Night Gatherings can also serve as a helpful place for youth to get connected to other teenagers their age as well as others in the body. 

Christ covenant preschool

At Christ Covenant we believe that children learn best by doing. We have an amazing group of qualified teachers whose primary goal is to love the children. We are a developmentally appropriate program that follows the guidelines of the NAEYC. Classroom activities are derived from the four developmental areas of Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, and Language.

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Campus outreach

The vision of Campus Outreach is to “Glorify God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world.” We seek to build laborers with a commitment to the Great Commission through evangelism and discipleship. We are passionately reaching students with the gospel and training them to become mature followers of Christ. Our desire is then to see students leave college fully equipped to labor in the harvest field for the glory of God.

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