worship at ccc

Christ Covenant Church gathers for our Sunday Morning Worship Service each week in the main sanctuary (1700 Lee Drive) at 10:00 AM. There are many activities we undertake together as a church family, but nothing is as important to our life together as worship. A nursery is available during the worship service in the childcare area. Parents are welcome to have their infants with them in the sanctuary if they desire. Children (Kindergarten-5th grade) are encouraged to join their parents in the worship service. This is a wonderful way for children to learn to sing songs, hear and participate in church-wide prayer time, observe families in worship, and learn to participate themselves as they grow.

Worship defines God’s people. It reveals what we believe about God and, at the same time, teaches us what we ought to believe about God. Therefore, it is necessary that we have sound biblical and theological reasons for why we do what we do on Sunday mornings. What follows is our attempt to give you some of the “whys” and “wherefores” that give form and structure to our corporate worship service at Christ Covenant Church. Our hope is that this brief overview will help introduce you to why we do what we do and enable you to join with us as we worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth.

God's Story

The story of worship is God’s Story or the gospel. The gospel is the good news that God in Christ has intervened into human history to establish his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Because this story of redemption is at the center of the Scriptures, we are constantly rehearsing the gospel story in our worship service—through singing, prayers, Scripture reading, sermon and the Lord’s Table.

Our Worship Service

Historically, the Christian church has rehearsed this gospel story by following a four-fold pattern for worship: Gathering, Ministry of the Word, Ministry of the Table, Dismissal. 

In the Gathering: Here the emphasis is on “coming into God’s presence” for worship as a people of God. In this stage, there is music and singing, an invocation and greeting, time of announcements and, finally, a Call to Worship where worshipers respond to God’s word with confession of sin and receive God’s assurance of forgiveness.

In the Ministry of the Word: Here the emphasis is on “hearing from God.” While this occurs through selected psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that proclaim to us the God of the Scriptures, our time devoted to the Public Reading of Scripture and the Sermon is the major avenues by which God speaks to us on Sunday morning.

In the Ministry of the Table: Here the emphasis is on “Remembering” -i.e. God remembering His covenant with us as His People, and us remembering and renewing our covenant with God. Our current practice is to celebrate the Lord’s Table together on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month.

The Dismissal: This is the shortest portion of our worship service, but it is not without its importance. Here the emphasis is on “going” back into the world to be salt and light and a benediction is offered on behalf of the people until we meet again for worship.

Sunday Nights: when the family grow together

On Sunday Evenings, twice a month, our church family gathers together for the main family time of the church. This is not simply a repetition of Sunday morning, or simply a more casual “evening” worship service.

This is a time when we intentionally seek to build relationships on Christ and the gospel through prayer together, sharing the Lord's Table, and reflecting on the Word.