CCC is a Christian Church located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana near the LSU campus. Our goal as a fellowship of believers is simple: to be a church that reflects the character of God. We believe that God has created us to know and worship Him. As a church, we seek to reflect Him in what we believe as a local church and how we live together as a church family.

Our Desire: To Join God’s Global Purposes

First, we want to Glorify God by worshiping Him with all of our lives. The picture painted in Revelation is of a people who find their greatest fulfillment in bringing honor and glory to God. Ultimately, this is what we want to do at Christ Covenant Church. We want to work toward that end and relate all that we do back to this central purpose for our existence.

Second, we want to extend the Glory of God by nurturing, strengthening and raising up worshipers. God’s Word, the Sacraments (Baptism and Lord’s Table), prayer and fellowship are the fundamental means by which God feeds and nurtures His children so that we become more like Christ and are equipped for every good work He has called us to do.

Finally, we want to help grow the family of worshipers by being faithful at evangelism and missions. Another way to describe this goal is to say that we want to be a church which engages and practices evangelism and missions as a lifestyle so that, in all that we do, we reflect God’s initiating and outward movement of love toward the lost. The goal of incarnating the gospel in both word and deed is not numerical church growth, per se, but to spread the glory of God by multiplying worshipers of God and bring more and more people into the White Hot Worship of God. As we see it, our worship (see #1 above), then, serves as both the fuel of our evangelism/missions and the goal of it.


What are you looking for in a church? Another way to put it may be, “What do you value in a church?” It’s a very important question. And not just for pastors, but for all of those who seek to follow Jesus and are part of the people of God.

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